Achieving the look

The beauty industry as the fashion industry is developing dynamically, dictating its own rules to us and concerns every person on the planet. Every day –choosing a blouse, perfume, or lip gloss—you become a member and user, whether it be in Montreal or the other end of the planet.

Beauty Trend is a full-service beauty trailblazer specializing in bridal makeup and hairstyling catering to makeup and hair for other occasions. We also offer makeup classes to inspire learners that their hands can create the same magic we do to our clients.

Our Tools

Achieving the perfect look is impossible without professional tools, quality products, and styling. In our work, we use only luxury cosmetics and PRO products. We have no affiliation with a specific brand, but there are favorites because we use only the best for our customers. The makeup case uses more than 30 brands, such as Clinique, Revlon, Inglot, MAC, and more.

Beautiful, healthy, and shiny hair is the happiness and pride of every girl. The stylers, dryers, and other hair styling devices used in our work provide expert coverage and protection for your mane. We use professional brands like Babyliss and Dyson, which care about the quality and health of your hair. These state-of-the-art stylers enhance our styling process while also ensuring that your hair doesn’t lose its life. 

We also use special styling products, including OSiS and other popular brands, with thermal protection to keep your locks voluminous and vibrant.

Our work

We consider the client’s figure, clothing, accessories, and the event motif to make sure that your hair and makeup are fit for the occasion. Before we come up with anything, we explain the vision to you, and if you like it, we’ll get to the styling right away.

At Beauty Trend, we always strive to make our clients see how the right makeup tools and techniques can enhance their features rather than just transform them. We want them to be able to say, “I still see myself, but I look way better!” which helps boost their confidence a hundredfold. 

Our style is the marriage between the latest trends and bringing to light the person’s natural assets. We don’t believe in sticking to a standard—individuality is what makes us shine, and we work to deliver a tailored beautifying process to every customer who enlists our services. 

Beauty Trend will not only get you to look your best but feel your best, too!