Ideal Timing for Your Bridal Makeup and Hairstyle Trial

A professional makeup artist from Beauty Trend meticulously styling a bride's hair for her wedding day, showcasing a sophisticated bridal hairstyle in a bright and airy Montreal salon setting

Photo by Anna Isabel Nunez

Start Early for a Relaxed Approach to Your Montreal Nuptials:

Begin your bridal beauty journey with an early trial at Beauty Trend. Perfect for those planning ahead, this approach lets you explore various bridal looks, ideal for your special day in Montreal.


Close-to-Date Trials for a Detailed Bridal Vision:

Booking your trial closer to the date, ideally 2 to 4 months before your event, is perfect for a more refined look. This timing aligns with your gown selection, helping visualize a complete bridal ensemble.

Considering Hair Length for Your Bridal Hairstyle:

If your desired hairstyle requires longer hair, plan your trial accordingly. This ensures your hair is the ideal length for your dream look, adding elegance to your Montreal wedding.


Beauty Trend’s Recommended Timing: 2 – 4 Months Before the Big Day

Based on our experience, this period is ideal for those marrying in Montreal, allowing time for exploring options and making changes.

An elegant bride in a chic wedding dress admiring her reflection in the mirror, featuring a classic updo with a sleek bun crafted by a Montreal bridal hairstylist from Beauty Trend.

Photo by Junophoto

Daylight Trials: Seeing Your Look in Natural Light

Conducting your trial in daylight, especially considering Montreal’s diverse venues, gives a true sense of how your makeup and hairstyle will look on your wedding day.

Your Feedback Shapes Your Look: A Collaborative Process at Beauty Trend

Your bridal trial at Beauty Trend is a collaborative process. We value your input, allowing us to tailor your look to perfection for your Montreal wedding.

Customizing Your Bridal Trial Experience with Beauty Trend

Deciding on the timing of your bridal trial is influenced by various factors, including your individual style and your Montreal wedding timeline. Whether early for peace of mind or later for a more defined vision, the 2 to 4 months prior recommendation is ideal for perfecting your bridal look with Beauty Trend.