How to Apply a Natural Wedding Makeup


1. Smooth and radiant skin should be your primary focus. To make the skin glow, be sure to use a highlighter.

2. The foundation should be persistent and light simultaneously so that there is no mask effect.

3. If you have redness and small pimples, carefully work with the corrector to look perfect in photographs (there is photoshop for this) and in life.

4. The next important step is blush. Cream light pink blush is best suited. If brown blush is more suitable for your skin tone, do not get carried away too much, everything should be gentle in the natural make-up of the bride.

5. Finish your beautiful bridal makeup with transparent powder.


1. Neat eyebrows aren’t only for the wedding day. We hope that you agree with this. Since you have chosen maximum naturalness for your look, eyebrows should not differ too much in colour from your hair and should not be narrow.

2. Bright smokey eyes are best for a club party. On the wedding day, for makeup eyes, it is better to choose flickering shadows (but not too bright!) Gently blend the shadows, preferring pastel shades.

3. Use eyeliner by drawing neat arrows for natural makeup for the wedding.

4. Mascara must be waterproof because you can cry from an excess of feelings! Many makeup artists advise using false eyelashes for weddings. High-quality, natural false eyelashes will make your look more expressive.